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With a vast knowledge of the property market and years of experience in the fields of design, architecture, engineering, construction management, restoration and innovative technologies, Core Project Management prides itself in being a one-stop-shop offering its clients total coverage from demolition stage to the final touches adapting the best possible solutions in a timely and efficient manner. 

Every project is essentially a vision in our clients’ minds, and at Core Project Management we do just that, turn fantasies into realities. 

Consisting of a dedicated small team of professionals, we handle projects from concept to completion, sparing our clients the headache of red tape and bureaucratic procedures that form part and parcel of the local real estate development industry with limitless imagination and ingenuity as standard in-house protocols.

Welcome to an affordable and highly valuable concept.

Project Management - EPCs - Demolition - Excavation - Construction - Alterations - Old Properties Renovations - Finishes - Electrical Installations - Plumbing Installations - Drainage Laying - Plastering & Painting - Tiling & Alternative Flooring - Wells Restorations - Waterproofing - Facade Restoration - Interior Design & Full 3D Walkthroughs - Engineered Interior Planning - Home & Office Furnishings - Renewable Energy - Fire & Safety & Security - etc

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