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At Core Project Management, we do not just take care of your property’s engineered planning and finishing, but we also provide a state-of-the-art solution for home or office furniture.  We are partners with one of Europe’s best-selling mother companies situated in Northern Italy, offering an extensive range of tailor-made furniture solutions to meet and exceed anyone’s requirements with top-notch certified quality covering a 20yr warranty period. 

Every project details down to size, position, material, mix & match textures and finishes… using cutting edge technology, we are able to take you around a projected room virtually and change anything in real time.  From kitchens to bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms… we are very thoroughly able to dress up a property to the smallest details, including sofas, curtains, art frames etc.

The mother company motto is:

'serimus arbores quae prosint alteri saeculo' - We grow trees that are useful for the next generation.  All the classic creations in wood, with their 25 mm thick massive doors, do NOT use raw materials in process of exhaustion, but from plantations, in line with sustainable development for the respect of future generations.  Moreover, nothing is outsourced; everything is constructed in-house, including the sophisticated hinges which are patented.

And the best part is: AFFORDABILITY… and we mean it, not just as a marketing tag-line.  Not to mention the quick 40-day delivery time.

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